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Mika is an incredible birth worker! She came to me highly recommended and I'm so grateful she was my partner throughout my pregnancy and birthing journey. Mika was everything I was looking for in a doula; calm, kind and fierce, she is a perfect balance. She was an amazing birth advocate, who listened deeply to all of my needs. I felt overwhelmingly well supported by Mika during my pregnancy. Having my first pregnancy and birth experience during COVID was extremely scary and anxiety inducing. However, Mika's calm and steady presence and her solid knowledge of traditional birthing practices, made my hospital birth experience absolutely beautiful! My family is forever grateful. Thank you Mika!

Alena- Birth doula client

One of the most valuable and unique aspects of Mika’s practice is the amount of time and sessions we had both prior to and after delivery. The time together allowed the shift from feeling comfortable to wanting her to be part of such an intimate and sacred time. I appreciate that Mika is balanced in her approach and shares various perspectives so that I was able to make informed decisions for my birth experience. She was also responsive outside of our sessions and often followed up with other resources based on my questions or our discussion. Mika is warm, open, genuine and was truly vested in creating a comfort level and bond between us. As a solo-mom she gave me the tools and support I needed to feel empowered and ready, even when the unexpected arose during labor. Mika is an amazing doula and I feel lucky to have had her as part of my journey of becoming a mom.

Erica - Birth Doula Client

Having our first child during a pandemic was certainly not our plan. We were due in August 2020 and by late March all in-person birthing and parenting classes had been canceled. It made a scary time even scarier for us, but then we started having our Zoom calls with Mika. We spoke every other week for about 45 minutes each session. Mika walked us through the many details of giving birth tailored to our situation. She listened to our concerns, gave us many helpful tips, and ultimately helped us feel confident that no matter what happened during the birth we could handle it. Mika is thoughtful, kind, caring, and knowledgeable which gave us the gift of comfort during the most uncomfortable time. We found great peace in having her a part of our team.

Sarah and Dave - Virtual Coaching (Chicago)

Mika is an incredibly attentive and thoughtful doula.  Something that stands out is how engaged she was with my partner to ensure she was seen and cared for as an integral part of our birthing process, from the beginning.   As (queer) people of color, birthing can be a traumatic and dangerous experience.  Mika's steady presence and commitment to seeing us in our full selves made all the difference.  Although we planned for a home birth, our kiddo was ultimately born through c-section.  Mika stayed with us throughout the process and helped navigate the changing terrain and political landscape of the medical system and hospital. I am grateful for Mika!

Shenaaz - Birth doula client

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